Welcome to Talking Linguistics. A blog that explores the amazing and wonderful world of linguistics. The goal of each post is to show how linguistic research has explained so much about the world of language around us.

My name is Jesse Weir and I am a graduate student majoring in linguistics. So what is linguistics? That is a question that I find myself answering a lot in my life, and I never really knew what to say. I usually just give a canned answer about it being the science of language and maybe give some fun and obscure language fact, but I always feel that I am selling it a bit short. I want everyone else to realize just how amazing linguistics can be, and so I started writing about it. I want this blog to be informative and useful, but to also make it feel accessible and fun to read rather than feeling like you are sitting in a lecture.

A big part of what I want this blog to be comes from what people want to hear about, so if you have an idea for a topic you want to hear more about, send an email to me and I am happy to dive into it for you. It could be something you have heard when talking to people in your life, or it could be just wanting to know general information about a language. Whatever it is, just email me and I am happy to write about it.

With a new post every Friday, there will be lots of interesting questions to ask and plenty of things to learn!

For questions, suggestions and other feedback email: talkinglinguist@gmail.com

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